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Daniel: The Paper is a great movie, but, yeah, I went back and saw Night Shift. Bill Blazejowski is just one of the great, classic characters. Daniel: That was your first — Michael: Feature, yeah. Michael: Yeah, but I was doing this TV show with Lowell Ganz, who was one of the writers — Daniel: … Michael: Yeah, yeah, and he was a premier, a supreme joke writer. ” puts the shoes down here, goes to hang up the sweater in the closet.

But then he’d come in, sit in his makeup chair, and then just go to sleep. And I swear to God, he’s such a sports fan, one morning he comes in and I say “Good morning, Jack” — and he calls me Keats — he goes, [doing a killer Nicholson] “Good morning, Keats,” and sits down like this [lifting both eyebrows] and says, “Pretty damn good darts tournament last night.” And then falls dead asleep. He’s not 29 years old anymore, and he just passed on a Nancy Meyers project. Well, there’s one that’s not good, I won’t talk about that one. ” then they’ll remind me of someone — [Both laugh.] Daniel: Like, didn’t you and Linda Ronstadt … ? Michael: Oh wow — no, I would be way too shy to do that. Daniel: You hear about Nicholson doing that, watching the news and calling up the local news anchor, and — Michael: Really? Well, not sure if that’s true, but I remember hearing that … Michael: Well, good for him! I just remember at the time thinking I wanted to get away from what I’d just done on Night Shift. (And that was John Hughes, by the way — people don’t know that he wrote that.) So I said no [to Splash] so I could set up this framework right away where I could do different things. Kind of that great combination of witty and kind of silly-slash-dumb-slash-smart, like Steve Martin. Daniel: But it’s not like you have to watch every day. If you’re a dope like me, you get every sports channel you can get. Daniel: I guess that could be transfixing, too, in its own little meditative way. ” [Both laugh.] Michael: And you have to backpedal a bit, like, whoa man, I thought we were going to talk about a whole bunch of other stuff. “Man, you’ve got to keep making movies, how come you’re not doing it? Daniel: And, of course, Canadian, and all Canadians are great. But I really can’t remember now whether it was Tom or John’s role. Michael: The first time I saw him was at The Comedy Store [in Los Angeles], you know, it was clear — like Larry David — that this guy’s really funny. Being a Pittsburgh guy: Steelers, Penguins, Pirates … Michael: I’ll probably watch more Pirates games now — they’re actually having a pretty decent season — than I did even 10 years ago, because you can access all these games now. And the Penguins, I see as many as I can — because you can see them now, too. Michael: Clinton and Obama and … uh … didn’t meet Carter. He’s walking down the hallway, arms outstretched like this to greet me — and his first sentence to me was, “Why don’t you make more movies? Daniel: You sort of famously went out with Courteney Cox. And I read a while back she said, “I will always love that guy, he’s the love of my life.” Do you think you’ll — Michael: I have no idea. Daniel: A friend of mine told me he knew you back in the day and said you were quite impressive. Daniel: But I don’t think anyone knew you went out with those two. He actually remembered the exact month we met standing in line outside of Catch a Rising Star. ” Michael: Well, he and I also came from really, really different backgrounds, and so — Daniel: Actually, he seems more the darkly obsessive one.

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At the time, I was going back and forth [from Pittsburgh] to New York — driving my ’65 Volkswagen bug — trying to be an actor, or to write, and I’d just started doing improv. And I find there are a few places where I like to meditate more than in other places. Michael: I worked on a Navajo reservation when I was 21 and that’s where I really got into it.

— 15 minutes before our prearranged time — Michael Keaton is already waiting, his New York Times mostly read, two-thirds of his first latte gone. ” [Both laugh.] Michael: I was just shocked — not shocked like “I’m above it, what’s the matter with you people? I literally don’t get — Daniel: Yeah, well, does that affect you, what people say? Daniel: Well, I definitely feel like I’ve taken up enough of your time … My sister-in-law still calls my oldest brother Dougie, and George was called Doug, and my other brother was called Doug, and I was called Doug. Uh, you can’t say the birth of your kid because I was literally there. Daniel: That’s sort of the bad part of that question, I guess. I guess I’ll just answer you honestly instead of trying to be funny.