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22-Aug-2017 23:56

She continues the video, changing into fashions that include ripped jeans and lingerie as she seductively sings, “Trust me I can take you there, I can be good for you,” rolling around on an old wood floor.

Ditto with having a catchphrase--I'm looking at you Ryan Lochte! Would you try to recreate a dive you saw on the Olympics? But a true d-bag fancies himself just as funny as Chris Rock and will horrify you with regurgitated lines from his latest stand-up…in his voice. But on second thought, actually being Daniel Tosh isn’t much cooler. Source: WENNOh your name is Jenner—ohhhh wow how…how…incredibly lame.While the latter manages to turn people’s bloopers into an opportunity for gentle wit, Tosh is much more about sneering mockery, bigotry, and graphic sex and toilet jokes. I figured, ‘I’m screwed, might as well get another laugh in.’” Tosh laughs in admiration.Continuing to mock the unfortunate girl, Tosh homophobically snarls, “She’s fine. If she gets back on her pogo stick and does that two more times, she’ll be cured of lesbianism.” More of Tosh’s prejudiced and disgusting “humor” on the episode included: Brian: “The judge was being a d***.” Tosh: “So you called him a (bleeped c***k).” Brian: “I said, ‘suck my (bleeped c***k).” Tosh: “Oh, you said ‘SUCK my (bleeped c***k).” Brian: “I said ‘suck my (bleeped c***k).’ And then when I went back up, I was like, ‘I’m just gonna throw the word ‘(bleeped c***k)’ in, and the courtroom’s laughing.” Tosh: “Did you feed off the energy of the courtroom when everyone started to laugh? It is unsurprising that Tosh uses his TV program to make a hero out of a drug-addicted thug who doesn’t even have the sense to keep his mouth shut while in court.Like Brian, Daniel Tosh thinks that he has a “right” to say anything inappropriate thing he pleases, anywhere, at any time, before any audience, completely without regard to other people’s rights.

This is, after all, the same man who urged his audience to gang-rape a female audience member .Now I love to dance and really get into it so you’d think that I’d love a guy who does too. If a guy tries to bust out some SYTYCD moves, well, I think Regis's face says it all.