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02-Sep-2017 10:09

The drag poor internet access has had on Arctic development has been pointed out in studies dating back to 2011.Mining companies have had to courier documents to northern regulators because internet connections couldn’t handle the file sizes.

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All satellites will be open access for other providers, he said.Tuesday night at the Stratford Rotary Complex, Sadie Pinksen’s women’s team gave her territory its first-ever win at the Canadian Juniors, a 7-3 win over the Northwest Territories. Arthur Siksik’s team from Rankin Inlet — third Tyson Komaksiutiksak, second Javen Komaksiutiksak, lead Ryan Aggark and coach Sean Turriff — ended a 33-game losing streak, dating back to Nunavut’s entry into the Canadian Juniors in 2013, with a 9-6 win over Matt Miller of the Northwest Territories (1-6; Yellowknife) to open Seeding Pool play. After the losses, we were used to it, and we weren’t really sad. Turriff, who’s based in Ontario, didn’t start working with the team until Jan. The team’s regular coach, Angela Dale, couldn’t attend the Canadian Juniors, and through Bill Tschirhart, was able to make a connection with Turriff to coach the team in Stratford. Everybody should have a shot in their game that they can brag about, and that was great.