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Doug finally gives in to the pain from his injuries and has a prostitute squirt bourbon into his mouth from a syringe, thus breaking his sobriety.

During Claire's nomination hearing before a Senate committee, she makes a casual comment which escalates into a heated argument that leaves the committee with the impression that Claire is hot-headed and thus not fit to be UN Ambassador.

Gavin Orsay has accepted working for the FBI despite not wanting to work for the people who had been oppressing him.

Doug asks for his help in locating Rachel Posner, who is still missing after assaulting Stamper and stealing his car.

In response to Netflix's threat to move production if "sufficient tax incentives" were not provided, the Maryland House of Delegates threatened to use eminent domain power to purchase, condemn, or seize the production assets, equipment, and other property that remained in the state because the production had already been the beneficiary of tens of millions of dollars in tax benefits.

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Remy Danton has been filling in as Underwood's White House Chief of Staff.

While Frank and Petrov smoke a cigar in a basement, Durant and Claire have a playful game of beer pong. Meanwhile, Petrov wants the entire European missile defense gone in return for sending Russian troops to Israel.

Even when Frank presents a compromise, Petrov still declines, so Frank ends the deal.

Claire and Durant make plans to bypass Russia’s veto in the United Nations Security Council so they can still send troops to Israel.

Heather Dunbar defends the government in a Supreme Court case regarding a soldier who was unintentionally injured in the drone airstrike Frank ordered.During a state dinner, members of Pussy Riot give an insulting toast to Petrov before rudely leaving.

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