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26-Nov-2017 19:51

When a former police officer is dumped she takes the law into her own hands; a quiet housewife buries her marriage problems in the garden; and an excited fiancée turns into the worst kind of bridezilla.

Some women have short fuses and when their blood boils get out of their way.

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Based on a post by 3yron F1ve in /cringepics, the young woman was just minding her own business when she suddenly started receiving some very steamy texts from her mom and a mysterious man.

When these women have scores to settle, they take matters into their own hands.

A traumatized woman thinks she's an avenging angel; one of Mexico's infamous serial killers targets the elderly; and a man is butchered by two women he tries to help.

For these heartless women envy is the deadliest sin.

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An obsessed mistress sacrifices her lover's wife; a young lover kills her girlfriend to keep her from the arms of another; and an angry cowgirl destroys her ex's life by destroying his family.An abusive mother takes drastic steps to keep custody of her child; a small town gossip sparks a murderous grudge match; and a teen bully makes a shocking move.