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The 3000 Scries sup- ports Slot I CPUs (such as Pentium II and III); the 1000 Series accommodares hard drives, floppy drives, and a CD-ROM drive. E, Fairfield, NJ 07074 USA Booth L5430 Folex Imaging is displaying irs new packaging, designed specifi- cally for inkier desktop products and distribution into the SOHO market. From interactive courses on the use of Microsoft Office 97 to train- ing for high-level certifications like MCSE, Cisco, or CNE, die company provides a convenient and affordable alternative to classroom training. Multi-com- pany consolidations are easily accomplished - even with com- panies that use different account structures, fiscal years, or ac- counting systems. The company's proprietary super-thin ATOMM dual-coaung technology, which offets extremely high capacity and high transfer rates, has pioneered many data storage solutions, in- cluding Zip disks, DLT tape W, DDS3 and DDSitapc.

The company offers media for inkjet and digital imaging in clear or white opaque film, photo mane, and photo glossy pa- pers. On display is the company's new, most pow- erful training system. 2, Science-Based industrial Park, Hsin-Chu, 30050 People's Republic of China com 886-3-5716205 Booth SI 329 Formosoft employs more than 30 researchers and software de- velopers with a broad array of software experience and particu- lar expertise in multimedia and network-related applications. The software is used at 70,000 sites worldwide and provides a direct interface to more rhan 42 major accounting systems. The com- pany is featuring its full lineup of high-capacity disk and tape prod- ucts.

Proceeds from ticket sales benefit underfunded colleges and universities to educate the next generation of IT professionals. Stop by our booth this Fall Comdex and enter to win our innovative Telesto 3 system with digital LCD panel PREMIO* 800-677-6477 means successful con nections to the Internet and your networks. Diskeeper 5.0 is the most cutting-edge defragmenter ever built and its superior networking technology is setting new standards.

©1998 PREMIO and the PREMIO logo are reg- istered trademarks or Premio Computer, Inc. Now you can schedule and defragment your entire Windows 95/98/NT network remotely with "Set it and Forget It"* ease.

Visit us at booth #L244 and talk with one of our connectivity consultants to learn more about our products, which include: • PC Cables • Mac Cables • SCSI Products • Networking Products • Data Sharing • USB Solutions • 1394 Firewire • And so much more! pus* 1 Seating Come visit our booth #L 1 43 • 800-872-6242 ■ Cabling Technology has the experience, technology, and the resources to get the job done. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this Program « fifiibrfs Guide. General Information A Note of Thanks 279 Conference Highlights Exhibit Descriptions 17 Product Locator Index 185 Product Locator 188 Floor Plans 257 ADDENDUM Be sure to check the Addendum for new exhibit descriptions, booth moves, and company name changes. GENERAL —I I ill ■ i inn Conference Registration Fees A variety of conference admissions is available: Millennium Passport 99 Information Passport 95 Tutorial Passport $ 1 395 Tutorials and Developers Clinics (each) 5 IT Executive Symposium Plus 95 IT Executive Symposium 95 Java University Plus 95 Java University (three days) 95 Java University (wo days) 95 Info Security University Plus 95 Info Security University (three days) 95 Info Security University (two days) 95 Open Source Software Development Forum Plus 95 Open Source Software Development Forum 95 Technology Conference (two days) 5 Technology Conference (one day) 5 Windows 2000 Deployment Program 5 Linux Business Expo Conference 5 Investment Strategies for the IT Industry 5 Industry in Transition 5 International Business Summit 5 Conference admission can be purchased at either the Las Vegas Convention Center Registra- tion Area or the Sands Expo and Convention Center, All COMDEX conference sessions take place at the Sands/Venetian Conference Complex.

is again creating the worlds largest live production network, enabling COMDEX attendees to stay connected to each other and their offices more easily this year. FSln H Pre-registered Attendees Badges Pre-registered attendees and media/press may pick up their badges at the Las Vegas Conven- tion Center (LVCC) Registration Area during the following times: am - pm am - pm am - pm am - pm am - pm am - pm am - pm Please Note: The LVCC is the only Registration Area where pre-registered attendees and me- dia/press can pick up their badges. Services provided at the facilities: Las Vegas/Hilton: Exhibitor Media Kits; Working Media Center, fully equipped with computer, fax and phone services; Media Lounge, Press Conference Rooms; Private Meeting Rooms (in Ballroom 6). 7, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670 USA 562-789-1234 Booth S2225C Fottron/Source Technology is a professional power supply manufacturer, OEMs and ODMs are welcome.APC is die world-wide leader in power protection, offering a full range of availability solutions for Desktop PCs * Servers • Internetworking ■ Datacenter ■ Enterprise Legendary Reliability" FREE 68-page Guide to Power Protection. 888-Z89-APCC x8847 • FAX: 401-788-2797 Order now Key Code o900z ei999Anwc Bn Power Converse Ail Trademarks Are the property of lheiy XEROX All conference attendees ate automatically members of the COMDEX Conference Club. Badges must be worn to obtain admission to Exhibit Halls.Members are entitled to use the Club in the Sands/Venetian Conference Complex. Baggage rooms are available at various exhibit sites for attendees who would like to bring their baggage for direct departure.Dai Trn Di Givaways C I Host Your Internet Solution. the causes of power problems are numerous, and the results painful: data loss and damage to your expensive hardware. Conference Notices Notice of changes in sessions, special events, etc., will appear on sign boards in all Registra- tion Areas.

) 1 1 irjrj pr 1 Li 111 JJ- ,11 infill BOOTH S-291 a Free Answers To Your Memory Problem a Free RAM Diagnostic Software a Free Daily Memory Price Index ▲ Free News on Memory Technology a Free Consultation On Memory Testing 2336 Lu Field Road, Dallas Texas 75229 USA Tel: 972-241-2662 Fax: 972-241-2661 E-mail: [email protected] When power fails, APC prevails with award-winning surge suppressors, battery backup, security enclosures and management software to deliver end-to-end reliability, guaranteed. Last-minute information is also published in Today at The Conference, a newsletter that can be found daily in the Registration and Conference Areas.

New featutes this year include a dynamic COMDEX Event Schedule, "My COMDEX Planner" and expanded exhibitor de- scriptions including a series of "virtual booths" with in-depth product information from many companies. 8 COMDEX Center for International Commerce On the Upper Level (Exhibit Hall A) of the Sands Expo and Convention Center, the newly re- named Center for International Commerce is supported by the U. SKow Ma nagement Office and Information Information concerning any aspect of the Conference and Exposition may be obtained at the Registtation Desks or at the Infotmation Booth at the various registration sites. Adamjee Ct, Annexe-2, (4th FL), 1 1 9- 120, Motijheel Commercial Area, Dhaka, 1 000 Bangladesh 880-2-956-5442 Booth S4444 Flora Systems is presenting customized software development i n Visual Basic, Visual C , Java, Visual Fox Pro, MS SQL Server, Oracle and DB2, e-commerce services, Web site development, multimedia, medical transcription. TW 408-573-9 1 1 3 Booth 53365 Flytech Technology has designed and manufactured booksize com- puters for more than 1 5 years. The software offers automatic creation ol complex financial reports with rollups through multiple reporting hierarchies.