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26-Jul-2017 19:58

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This particular date was full of awkward silences, even though our text banter was fantastic.She was attractive, but it was obvious she was using photos taken of her years earlier.Maybe we should have texted while sitting next to each other. Throw in a few emojis and give yourself a few extra minutes to come up with a real zinger of a comeback and everyone seems to have an amazing digital personality.Texting also gives us the freedom to interpret language as we so desire, which often leads to serious miscommunication.Half the guys I match with don’t respond, so I have to move on to the next one.If we match and I message a guy, I really expect him to respond, even if it’s to say, “No, thanks.” He doesn’t need to answer me right away, but if he waits longer than 24 hours or never responds, I get pissed, unmatch with him, and move on to the next guy.And at their worst, they're completely superficial.

Being set up my friends is the worst, especially if it doesn’t work out.

I compete with my friends for matches & get jealous when they match and I don’t.

This isn’t always the case, but sometimes when my friends match and vibe with a guy off Tinder, I can get jealous.

I also don’t have time to go out on weekends and mingle because I’m slinging drinks.

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I love working and making money, so online dating has provided me the ease of meeting guys right through my phone.I also don’t need to worry about hurting anyone because I’m honest about my intentions for that evening.

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