Dating muslim women in ghana

21-Jun-2017 05:25

The urban woman is held more responsible for choosing her own husband as it is not based on lineage or her family's interests.Furthermore, the urban woman is seen as more of a partner than as a minor, as she would be in many rural settings.Among matrilineal groups, such as the Akan, married women continued to reside at their maternal homes.Meals prepared by the wife would be carried to the husband at his maternal house.In these matters, family considerations outweighed personal ones – a situation that further reinforced the subservient position of the wife.

Today, marriage dynamics generally vary between rural and urban areas.

The social and economic well-being of women as mothers, traders, farmers, and office workers has evolved throughout centuries and is continuing to change in modern day.

Life for women in Ghana varies by generation, location, and culture.

Marital status is a significant factor in understanding differences in poverty rates.

For example, widows are the group of female-headed households that exhibit the highest rates of poverty.

Barrenness was, therefore, considered the greatest misfortune.

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