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07-Jan-2018 18:10

Use DJI Lightbridge to control your aircraft or connect the remote control to your computer via the trainer port to run New propulsion system for Phantom 2 and Phantom 2 Vision New 2312 motors, 9450 propellers, and ESCs combine to give you greater thrust and control than ever before.

You can load more equipment on your Phantom, and achieve up to 200g/arm of extra thrust when using a 3S Li Po battery with this completely new system.

a) Dynamic home point: when using a GPS-enabled mobile device and running the VISION app, the Home Point will automatically be reset to the location of the device every 2 seconds during flight.

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Go back to download’s zip folder and extract ONLY the file (you can also right click the and copy and past the file next to the DCIM folder of your SD card – it is very important that only the be placed on the card, if the text file is also present your update will not upload to the aircraft properly). Remove SD card from your computer or USB reader and slide it back into gimbal. Ensure your aircraft’s battery is at least 50% and then turn on aircraft with SD card already inside.

a) The dynamic home point is only available when using GPS-enabled mobile devices.

Your aircraft will not be able to record a dynamic home point if you are using a mobile device without a GPS module (e.g. New remote control for Phantom 2 and Phantom 2 Vision The upgraded remote control comes with many new features.

The DJI Phantom 3 Standard is the basic model of the 2015 Phantom 3 drone series.

The P3 Standard is 0 and lacks many of the new features such as 4k resolution, lightbridge signal range, sensors, GLONASS GPS, etc, so we HIGHLY recommend upgrading to the new DJI Mavic Pro which starts at 9.e) New pre-flight checklist that reminds users of important considerations before flying added.