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But to a true collector, it can make a big difference. postcards can often be found in a dealers 10 cent box due to its condition.Real-photo postcards were actual photographs printed on paper as a postcard.They have an easy to notice sheen or gloss and a very fine grain.But as these cards become harder to find, a new market for cards produced from the 1940's until the present have been created.If you think about it, cards produced in the 1950's are already over 50 years old!

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For example, in the Holiday postcard field, Birthday postcards are considered quite common.

Because the negatives were large (often postcard size), these images are extremely clear. Photochrome postcards (or "Chrome") appeared in the US around 1939 and in Japan after the end of WWII.

They were easily produced, in color and of high quality, so they soon replaced all other cards.

The catalogue is only JPY 1,000, including postage (inside Japan).

Even without a date stamp, it is often still fairly easy to roughly date a card: Dividing Lines No dividing line - In 1900 (Meiji 33) the postal act allowed the private-sector to print postcards. It was not permitted to write a message on the address side, and therefore there was no dividing line on the address side.

Types of cards Hand-tinted collotype postcards had very fine grain.