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He doesn’t go by the name “Michael Seander” anymore. "Yo, you want to clear up anything from yesterday, maybe?" says an off-screen TMZ cameraman as the 19-year-old, blonde model Josie Canseco struts onto a Hollywood street from a nightclub. "Um, Justin’s a friend," she says of pop singer Justin Bieber, whom she was spotted hanging out with the night before. Honduras' president, Manuel Zelaya, said last month that after pleading with Washington and the World Bank, he accepted 0 million a year from Chavez for agricultural investment to help fight rising food prices. C.—Michael Seander isn’t sweaty for someone who just played a pick-up basketball game. Athletic and muscular, Seander, 27, has piercing blue eyes, a dimpled chin and a lightly stubbled square jaw that belies his youth. Seander and his entourage of managers, promoters, producers and cameramen funnel out of Cameron—after their quick pick-up game—and spill onto Duke’s campus.

“Right above Marcus,” he says, smiling as he gestures toward the last name on the list. still holds most of the military power in the Caribbean, and said it has no interest in reviving "Cold War rhetoric." Shannon also noted that overall U. aid to the region will reach .2 billion for 2009, to total more than billion during Bush's presidency. giving has been dwarfed by Chavez's checkbook diplomacy, which easily eclipses U. As former Assistant Secretary of State Otto Reich noted, "We are the assistance bureau of first choice for the region." History of covert intervention But the U. has an ugly legacy of covert intervention there, including in Chile, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Cuba. graduate degree — though that didn't stop him from accusing the CIA of infiltrating his military, or refusing to renew a lease for U. Costa Rica has become the 19th member of Petrocaribe, through which Chavez sells Caribbean and Central American nations cut-rate oil at very low interest. There have been major bailouts, such as Washington's billion rescue of Mexico in the 1994 peso devaluation crisis. "No matter who is elected in November, there is not going to be any money for Latin America," he said.In three years of presidential elections ending last year, Latin Americans chose mostly leftist leaders, and only Colombia and El Salvador elected unalloyed pro-U.

Other countries muscling in Along with the loss in political standing has come a decline in economic power. In May, a state-owned Chinese company agreed to buy a Peruvian copper mine for .1 billion. "Similar deals could have been made with the United States had it been willing to share its technology," said Geraldo Cavagnari, of the University of Campinas near Sao Paulo. Bolivia also is looking to deepen ties with Russia and Iran.

is vying with finalists from France and Sweden for the sale of 36 jet fighters to Brazil.

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