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The Green Beret A-team leader chose to leave the Army. “He made it clear to me that the Afghan government will not tolerate the abuse of its children, or any of its people, and will thoroughly investigate all allegations and administer justice appropriately,” the four-star general said.The Army has selected his sergeant, Charles Martland, for involuntary separation because of the reprimand. But an Army veteran of several tours in Afghanistan said senior commanders almost always told officers to not make an issue of witnessed abuse.“Sure, there is nothing that precludes a service member from telling the chain of command, although one caveat,” the soldier told The Washington Times.But 30 years of war and poverty inspire many to try, despite their ignorance of condoms and AIDS.One 13-year old prostitute works to support her family of 10.


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Despite warnings that the chief, Sarwan Jan, and his boy entourage should be expelled from Forward Operating Base Delhi, Marine Corps commanders let him stay. 10, one of his “tea boys” walked into the base gym and gunned down the three Marines, including Lance Cpl. of Long Island, whose parents are fighting out a lawsuit in U. District Court.“There was no investigation or scrutiny into, or monitoring of, Jan or the unknown boys and young men he brought onto FOB Delhi,” states the lawsuit, filed by New York lawyer Michael J. We believe these abuses contributed to Greg’s death because aligning our troops with those committing these horrific acts made our troops targets and because in looking the other way commanders failed to maintain a level of control over the base necessary for safety.”A culture of high-ranking Afghan police, politicians and warlords routinely raping boys has been the focus of war stories since the 2001 U. An article in Monday’s editions of The New York Times, posted online Sunday, has placed new emphasis on the debauchery by pointing out that U. commanders generally ignore the practice, even if the crimes happen on American bases. commander in Afghanistan, issued a statement Tuesday saying there is no official policy to look the other way.

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